UAW leader defends union’s lofty demands, trashes Stellantis contract proposals

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During a Facebook Live on Aug. 8, 2023, UAW President Shawn Fain

The leader of the United Auto Workers union Tuesday adamantly defended lofty demands for its members who work for the Detroit automakers, while calling recent contract proposals from Stellantis “trash.”

UAW President Shawn Fain during a Facebook Live webcast heavily criticized early bargaining proposals from the Chrysler and Jeep parent company before throwing the packet of papers into a garbage can.

Fain laid out reported changes to the contract involving holiday and vacation days, absenteeism, 401k contributions, profit-sharing payments and other proposals that he described as “concessionary.”

“Stellantis’ proposals are a slap in the face. They’re an insult to our members’ hard work over the last four years,” Fain said. “Rather than honoring the sacrifice made by the employees [during the Covid pandemic], management’s chosen to spit in our faces.”

Stellantis did not immediately respond for comment.

The theatrics are the latest and most elaborate by the union leader since negotiations began in earnest last month with Stellantis, Ford Motor and General Motors.

They come a week after the UAW publicly said it wants double-digit pay raises and defined-benefit pensions for all workers, citing 40% pay raises on average over the last four years for the CEOs of the companies.

Fain on Tuesday called proposed pay increases “well-deserved.”

The current contracts between the UAW and Detroit automakers expire on Sept. 14.

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