What To Look For In Tomorrow’s Republican Presidential Candidates’ Debate

This segment of What’s Ahead lays out the telltale signs for a possible Reaganesque candidate emerging from tomorrow’s Republican debate.

Reagan projected an exciting, optimistic view of the future, while effectively eviscerating the destructive policies and principles of his opponents. He never came across as acerbic or angry.

In Reagan’s successful 1980 campaign he laid out substantive ideas, the principal one being a radical cut of 30% across-the-board in federal income tax rates.

So, who’s going to put forth a similarly bold tax reduction plan, such as a flat tax? Promising to renew the Trump tax cuts of 2017 won’t cut it. We need stronger stuff today—like the flat tax.

Similarly electrifying ideas are needed for dealing with the Fed, climate change, runaway entitlements and expanding our military. And who’s going to exhibit an understanding of the role that the U.S. must play in defending the Free World and why?

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