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Billionaire Kenneth Griffin: Trading, Life and Citadel (2019)

An interview with billionaire CEO of Citadel, Kenneth Griffin. In this interview, Kenneth discusses trading and investing at his Hedge Fund, Citadel, including how he first got interested in trading and the evolution of Citadel. Kenneth also talks about his early life, real estate and philanthropy.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:07 You live in chicago?
0:15 You grew up in Florida?
0:35 Were you top of your class?
0:53 Harvard?
2:56 Trading out of your dorm room?
4:48 What did your classmates think?
5:22 Installing a receiver in your room?
6:17 What did you think your were going to do after Harvard?
9:01 Did you ever think about going to business school?
9:49 Setting up a trading operation after graduating?
11:30 Why go to Chicago?
12:25 Where did you get the name Citadel?
13:52 What year did you start and how many employes did you have?
15:05 How did you raise money in the early days?
15:40 Who gave trading decisions?
16:39 Mode of trading?
17:15 Do you get out when the market moves against you?
18:18 How big was your company before the financial crash?
18:48 How did you survive the financial crash?
19:58 Were you nervous the banks would say it’s game over?
21:07 What size are you now?
21:23 What did your Hedge fund do differently last year?
22:42 Do you delegate investment decisions?
24:28 Is recruiting a big part of your job?
26:26 Do you care what university they go to?
27:02 Market maker business?
28:56 You do not do algorithmic trading?
29:59 Are you worried about the US economy?
30:54 Why are you concerned about Italy?
32:23 Brexit?
33:19 How does someone invest with Citadel?
35:10 How do you decide your philanthropic gifts?
39:00 What is the appeal of having an art collection?
41:11 Why have you bought all this real estate?
44:03 Are you parents proud?
45:11 Wealth and raising children?
46:50 View on political matters?
48:48 What would you like to see as your legacy?

Interview Date: 14th March, 2019
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